flagstones on slight incline

by Linda
(Loveland, OH)

How should we install flagstones on a slight incline that borders a garden? There are 10 good-sized pieces that we want to place so they won't slip or wobble. We don't have the length or want to install steps, just a path down the slight hill.

Linda Schiesler

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Holding stones in place - slight incline
by: Brandon

Where their is no natural border (retaining wall, plant, another stone) I have been using some sand/cement on the bottom half of the stones to keep it in place and the covering the rest with sand/pebbles.

by: David

Dear Linda,

Sorry for the late response. My dad was out of town.

He suggested you put four spikes around the stone. You can use the same spikes that are used for railroad ties and you should be able to pick them up at Home Depot.

Those spikes on the four edges should be able to keep your stone in place.

Great luck!


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