Flagstone with Grass Joints

by Nate
(Mililani, Hawaii)

Bottom Line Up Front: I want to make some flagstone walkways and patios with grass joints.

1. Do I need to lay sand or use top soil?

2. If I need to use sand, can I blend it with the top soil so that it's a sandy bottom that gradually becomes more and more top soil as it gets closer to the top (drainage).

1. Currently the soil is really crappy and is hard compacted clay. I will be removing the grass and the weeds to lay good topsoil and grass.

2. I am concerned about setting and drainage issues.

3. This is my first time doing flagstone patios and walkways. I'm used to only doing lawn stuff.


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You'll need some sand
by: David

Dear Nate,

Usually grass tends to grow through joints in any event. People usually put down a weed mat to avoid any grass growing through.

You can lay your stone in top soil but the problem you'll have is laying the stones to become even. With sand you can adjust the stones so much easier. Check out this free video to see what I mean:


and you'll want to see this video too:


Mixing the two should work out well for you and I would think the grass will grow quickly right through the joints--especially if you put some grass seeds in there.

Just make sure to lay your stone to pitch away from your house. Your drainage needs to flow away from the house.

Great luck!

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