Flagstone Wall

by Sheila

Hi, I had worked with flagstone for the first time last year, I installed the walls for our inside fireplace, I put up the cement board & metal lath, mixed the Type S, lime & sand & it came out beautiful!!! Then over the summer, I started working on out fresh laid block wall. I put on a thin coat of cement to make it ruff, after that dried, I mixed my mix again & stoned the wall.... Then after, grouted it... I am looking to see if on a fresh block wall, do I need to put anything up first?!?!? Also is there any easier mix instead of the Type S, lime & sand?!?!? I would greatly APPRECIATE any help you can give me, I LOVED YOUR VIDEOS.... I was just curious on what type of mortar you used.... I was at Lowe's the other day & bought a bag of mortar to try, but I put on like 4 stones & they all fell back down at me!! Hope to hear back from you!!! Thank you! Sheila

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the process
by: David

Dear Sheila,

Sorry for the delay, but I haven't seen my father for a while and I wanted to make sure I could give you the right answer.

He said you need to put up metal lathe on your wall. Then you should spread a mixture of Portland Type I-II mixed with sand. (A two to one ratio of masonry sand and Portland. Two parts masonry sand and two parts Portland.) That will rough up the outside. Let that stand for 24 hours and then you can lay your stone. You should smear your Portland mix on the wall and on the stone. Wet your stone a little bit before you spread the Portland on the stone. It is the same process as steps:


If you haven't already, also check out our free video on flagstone walls:


If you do that, then your stone should stick to the wall.

I hope that helps you out and great luck on your project.


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