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My dad, nephew and I installed a simple flagstone walkway for a client in Denver and we thought this could be helpful for a lot of people.

There are some helpful tips on using the appropriate stone, digging the right-sized hole, leveling, and positioning your line.

Here are some pictures of what you'll see in the video and you can just click the play button below and the video lasts about 14 minutes.

using a line


We dug our hole roughly 7 inches deep, so that we could have about 5 to 6 inches of sand under the stone. About one inch of the flagstone pieces will be above ground.


You'll see how we distribute the sand and compact it.

flagstone walkway end

The stones are 18 inches wide, but our architect gave us a great tip. By staggering the stone, like we did in the above picture, you get a 36 inch wide path. It's a more natural walk and our architect says that it gives a modern feel.

A Free Video on How To Lay Your Own Flagstone Walkway. My Dad and I Show You How We Do it from Start to Finish.

This is Part One:

And here is Part Two:

Great luck with your walkway!!

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