flagstone swale construction

by Wade
(Franklin, Tn)

I have a drainage issue in my backyard that I have tried to correct by constructing a swale measuring 2' x 25'. I lined the swale with river rock but was told by a city stormwater manager that it would be better to use flagstone to maximize water flow. He suggested laying the flagstone on top of landscape fabric without mortar. Is this the best way? I would think pouring paver peebles or sand inbetween the flagstone would create a smoother surface area and allow for contraction/expansion.


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we're not sure
by: David

Dear Wade,

We've never done this type of job before, so it's hard for us to give you any treatment that would work properly with your circumstances.

If we came up against this, we would take ten to fifteen feet of this raised area and use flagstone on it and see what happens over time. If it does seem to do better, then you could use the flagstone for the rest of the area rather than spending all that money to see that flagstone doesn't do a better job.

We hope that helps you a bit.

Great luck!

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