Flagstone Supplies-Tools. Here is What is Needed for Different Jobs.

Each project will, of course, be a little bit different. You'll have to use some common sense when deciding which tools you'll need for your particular project.


We'll try to list most of the tools here and describe a little bit what to use them for.

2 Pound Hammer

flagstone supplies

The 2 Pound Hammer is needed any time you want to chisel or chip stone. If you are laying irregular stone, you'll definately need a 2 Pound Hammer and Chisels. For laying pathways in sand, you won't need it unless you prefer to chisel rather than using a Masonry Saw.

Straight Chisel

flagstone supplies and tools

The straight chisel is exactly what it says. It is for cutting straight. If you use a straight chisel, you might want to read in Flagstone Cutting about how to use it. Just go slow and chisel all along the area you want cut on both sides of the stone.

Chipping Chisel

flagstone chipping chisel

The Chipping Chisel is great for getting little pieces that hang off the end of a stone. It is also great for cutting small areas towards the end of a stone.

Plastic Mallet

plastic mallet

ANYTIME you need to tap stone or pound it down, use a PLASTIC mallet. A 2 Pound Hammer will more often than not bust the stone.

Masonry Saw

masonry saw

The Masonry Saw is a must if you are doing a big job out of Irregular Flagstone. You have too many cuts to do it all by hammer and chisel. If you have a circular saw, you could get a masonry blade for a circular saw at your local hardware store.


You'll need a level on every job. The most important task on laying stone is making sure the water drains off in a direction that you desire.


A line is almost as important as a level, if you are doing a fairly big pad. The line will help you with the fall.


A transit is handy for determining the fall of your flagstone pad. If you don't want to rent one, you can use a line level or a long 2x4 with a level.

Wheel Barrel

A wheel barrel is handy for almost any project. If you are laying stone in sand, you'll need a wheel barrel to transport the sand and if you are laying stone in concrete you'll need the wheel barrel for mixing Portland Cement. It is also handy for transporting stone.

Tuck Pointer

The tuck pointer is great for moving stone when it is dry laid and you'll definately need it to tuck in joints with Portland Cement.



You'll need a trowel to move concrete around or sand. It is also handy when you tuck in the joints.

Water Bottle

watter bottle

The water bottle is for pouring water on a concrete pad so the Portland Cement sticks to the foundation better.


Shovels are needed for mixing Portland Cement or transporting sand.

Sponge and Gloves

sponged flagstone

The gloves and sponges are needed for laying stone on concrete.

Use Portland Cement and Masonry Sand

Use Masonry Sand for laying flagstone in sand. Also use masonry sand for mixing cement. You should only use Portland Cement when laying flagstone. Don't use Masonry Cement!

Cement Mixer

For Big Projects, it is best to rent or use a cement mixer. You'll need to put a lot of Portland Cement under the flagstone, so a cement mixer is very handy.


If you don't mix with a cement mixer, then make sure you get a hoe. It makes mixing in a wheel barrel a lot easier.


For any type of sweeping.


Get some 5 gallon buckets. You'll need at least three if you are laying stone on concrete.

Long Handled Brush

You'll need that if you are going to wash the stone off.

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