Flagstone sun porch

Dear David,

I bought a home a couple of years ago with a flagstone porch. The windows are screen with storm windows but no insulation so it is a 3 season room. Well the flagstone floor is peeling and coming up in a couple of places. It doesn't look like there is a sub floor so we are wondering what to do...Re-seal or pull up the floor... The wall (up to the windows) is stone going around on 3 sides and the top slat over the stone wall is peeling. There are some spots where you can see salt corrosion but I don't know if that is a problem. Any suggestions would be wonderful!


Ps. we live in CT if that matters

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seal and replace
by: David

Dear Cait,

You said there is no sub-floor, so I assume that the stone is laid in sand. If so, then I assume you can pop the stones up that are moving and put down more sand or breeze.

If it's concrete, then you need to cut out the old concrete and lay in the stone with new concrete.

Look at the free video on this page to learn how to cut it out:


The free video on this page will teach you how to mix the new mortar:


and the video on this page will show you how to lay the new stone:


After you make your repairs, then you need to call Prosoco at 1-800-255-4255 and ask them for the best sealer for your situation. They are the sealing company that my dad has used for years.

Great luck!


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