Flagstone steps

by Audrey
(Albuquerque, NM)

A landscaping company placed irregular flagstone as steps up the side of my house using concrete blocks as risers. It looks terrible! I want to add some more stone to the steps that show a lot of crushed rock (where the stone they used wasn't large enough)as well as paint the blocks (?) or do something else to cover the concrete. Help?

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thin flagstone pieces
by: David

Dear Audrey,

Hopefully you have an overhang of your stone over your steps. In other words, your block and stone are not flush. If they are flush, then the only thing you could do is paint the block.

If there's an overhang, then you'll have to get very thin pieces of flagstone and stick that to the block. You'll need to mix very strong cement using an additive called laticrete.

You can find laticrete at www.laticrete.com

You'll then need to carefully fill in the joints with strong cement, but with no laticrete. Laticrete will stick to your stone and you won't get it off. It's only for under the stone.

Look at our article here for more help:


Great luck!


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