Flagstone Steps Get a Lot of Traffic

We installed the flagstone steps below and recommended to the facility manager to seal them. I don't think they got around to it and two years later the New Mexican Buff stone has a lot of black on it.


Take a look!

flagstone steps 1

A sealer will keep most of the dirt out and make it easier to clean in the future.

flagstone step 2

You can see with the flagstone picture above where the risers are clean, but every where else is dirty.

Same with the flagstone photo below!

flagstone steps 3

Sealing flagstone is a great idea on just about any project, especially in high traffic areas.

Whenever we are asked to seal in higher traffic areas, we put on more sealer than recommended by the manufacturer. We also stress to the owner to check the sealer at least once a year.

To check whether the sealer is still working, just pour a cup of water on the stone. If it bubbles up like car wax, then the sealer is still working. If not, then it is time to take out the painter roller and roll some more on.

To See the Sealer We Use Click Here!

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