Flagstone Sealer (Prosoco) questions

by kevin Murphy


You recommended Prosoco to me in a previous email, I went to their site and I wanted to ask a few more questions please,

1. when you say Prosoco for an outdoor flagstone patio are you refering to Prosoco (STMP) Stone,tile,Masonry, Protector ? they have many produts....

2. I want a NON enhancing but Deep Penetrating sealer. is this enhancing or non enhancing?

3. I have read your blogs and you and your father have used this for years, how long does it last? 1-2 years in the sun? can you simply add a coat of sealer to it as some products claim or does it have to be stripped off when it is time to re-seal?

4. I really want a protectant, I am not looking for the wet look, only to preserve the natural look. Is this the right product?

5. How do you apply this? with a paint roller? or is this done with a special applicator?

6. any tricks to applying this stuff you have learned over the years?

thank you very much

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no wet look
by: David

Dear Kevin,

The sealer my dad has used is called Siloxane. It does not give a "wet look" and it usually last a few years. The test is whether water will bubble up on the stone like it does on a waxed car. If you have bubbles, then your sealer is still good. If you don't then it's time for a new coat.

I'm not sure about stripping off the old sealer and it is easy to apply with a paint roller.

Give them a call at 1-800-255-4255 and they will tell you about stripping the old stuff and any other specific questions that you have.

Great luck with your project!


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