flagstone rust

We recently had a driveway redone with flagstone borders. When it rains or the driveway gets wet, the flagstone (especially those that are red or have red streaks) tend to bleed what appears to be rust. It stains the other colored flagstone and the concrete. How can this be prevented?

The contractor tried using muriatic acid to clean it and then tried sealing the flagstone with lacquer but it still happens.

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Flagstone Rust NEW
by: Anonymous

When we noticed that it had bled after the first rain, our contractor did clean it with muratic acid and sealed it with Glaze ‘n Seal Low VOC Water Base Multi-Purpose Sealer for Concrete, Tile and Masonry. Then it rained some more and it's all pretty orange. Martha

Flagstone Rust NEW
by: Martha

So will it stop bleeding red, then you clean it and put the sealer on it? Will the red come out? I even see the rust stain traveling up the stucco walls that border the patio we had installed. Thanks.

Rust NEW
by: Anonymous

I would like to speak with you in regards to similar issue we are having however it is the flagstone used for the coping of our pool. How can I reach you?

leaking flagstone
by: David

It sounds like you have flagstone that tends to "leak" when it gets wet. There's nothing you can do about that until it stops bleeding

Don't use muriatic acid to clean it, because you could easily burn the stone. Instead use a cleaner called 600 Detergent from Prosoco.

Also, don't put lacquer on your stone. That's going to cause efflorescence.

After you clean the stone, seal it with a solution called Siloxane which also comes from Prosoco.

You can call them at 1-800-255-4255 and they'll be able to tell you where you can get their products.

Great luck!


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