Flagstone Question ??

by German Cantu
(San Antonio, Tx )

Pink Canyon

Pink Canyon

Mr. David and Mr. Hans,

First of all I want to take the time to write to you in appreciation of your time spent on your extremely helpful website. Taking your time to help others at no charge is something that goes greatly appreciated.

I began a stoneyard business back in late February of 2009 in San Antonio, Tx. My father passed away back in 1996 and always wanted to start a business of this kind here in the states. It took me a while to start it, but with great persistence and dedication, I am glad to say I have the business up and going. With the economy going the way it is, I am pleased to say that I thank the Lord I have made it this far. My wife, three year old son and four month old daughter are my reason to give my 110% efforts. My main priority in my business is customer satisfaction. As long as the customer is happy, I know my business will stay alive. I am a business graduate from the University of Texas at San Antonio and I know that a business depends on the foundation it lays on. I am trying to create a strong foundation for my business, offering great products at great prices, but primarily giving great customer service.

A customer called me and was worried about a peeling off of the flagstone she purchased from me a couple of months ago. I do not lay down the stone or have anyone working in my business offering the service, I strictly sell flagstone. The purpose of this email was to ask of your expertise of why such a thing would happen. I have never gotten a call about the flagstone peeling off in chunks. She claims that it has a "clay" texture to some of the peeling. I will be going to her residence tommorrow, Sept. 12 to see the issue. I did ask if she had sealed the stone and how long after she did, as she explained to me the next day after it was layed. Would this have something to do with the moisture?? Would this make it peel off in chunks?? If so, is there anything she can use to fix the issue?? She did say that the pieces are not large, but she is concerned.

All my product is imported from a small town in Mexico where the town is known all over northern Mexico for it's historic "Hacienda" style flagstone. This particular color, "Pink Canyon" or "Mexican Rose", is a new color I began to import from another stoneyard in Mexico, of which I am new to. They are located in Del Rio, Tx. Nevertheless, I am trying to find out more on why it would chip off or peel off.

Mr. David and Mr. Hans, again, I am in great appreciation of your expertise and knowledge on flagstone, and hope that you might be able to help me. I have known flagstone my whole life, my father was a doctor in Mexico and our ranch is located only 30 minutes from the biggest stoneyard in Northern Mexico, but I am a little confused about this one. Can it be that it is not strong enough?? Is it a different lithification process which created a less dense stone?? My appreciation goes to your help and assistance, and look foward to learning more from you.

Thank Your Sir,

Dreamline Stones
German Cantu

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you can also list on "find your stone"
by: David

Dear Kevin,

You may also want to list your stone on this page:


It's a flagstone "Craigslist" page that gets hundreds on people and stoneyards looking at it.

Great luck selling your stone!


mexico flagstone
by: kevin pierce

I'm considering importing flagstone. I have a close friend that has a new quarry that buts up to an american national park on the mexico side. The flagstone is a beautiful red color. I can bring up to 20 tons a day across and provide transportation. We have a warehouse on the american side. Also have some whole fish fossils. That came from the quarry. Also have other types of rock. Still researching pricing. I have samples available. You can email me at pierce.78@hotmail.com

sorry I didn't get back sooner
by: David

Dear German,

Thank you so much for the nice comments. It really makes my dad feel good that he can help people out with his many years in the business.

I'm sorry I didn't get back to you sooner. I'm a school teacher and this is my busy time.

The stone you have looks really nice. From my dad's experience, the stone that is "shaley" comes out that way from the quarry. We don't know the geological reasons for it. My dad has received stone from a quarry that shaled a lot and then received good stone from the same quarry.

He usually never lays stone that shales a lot and if he does, he'll end up replacing it. We've never found a sealer that will stop that.

I'm curious what you found out from the owner. If it's just a few stones, then replacing them shouldn't be a problem.

Also, I wanted to tell you about advertising on our site for free. You can send me info about your site and I'll post it here:


And you can post comments about your site here:


And you can sell stone like on Craigslist here:


I'm sorry I couldn't give you more specific knowledge about your issue. My dad is better at the installation side of stone.

Great luck with your business and please feel free to let me know if I can help you in any other way!!

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