flagstone porch and walkway

we recently had flagstone placed over an existing porch

and walkway...i am not happy with the color...when dry
it is very pastel and light...when wet it is the perfect color and shade...we have not sealed it yet because i would like to try to darken the color and have it remain the color when wet....is there a product
that will darken it, maybe some sort of powder stain or
a sealant that will darken it permanently?
david glover

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sounds like efflorescence
by: David

Dear Julie,

It sounds like you have efflorescence. Check out our free video here:


and see if that is the problem that you have.

If it is, then you should call Prosoco at 1-800-255-4255 and inquire where you can get Sure-Klean.

Great luck with your project!


white splotches on patio stones
by: Julie

16x16 cobblestone has white splotches all over!Will not come off with hose.Turns dark like mud when wet.Then dries back white!What is this?Can a power washer remove this?Is there a solution I could put on.Please help.Over 40 stones from Lowes are like this.Thanks

Big question?
by: David

Dear David,

We get that question a lot. The "wet look" makes stone look great. The problem with that is the urethane that's in those sealers. It traps moisture which will cause efflorescence, white splotches, to come out.

My dad has looked for years for a "wet look" sealer and he's never found one that won't cause efflorescence. This site has been around for about four years and we haven't heard from any one reporting on one.

You can check around and if you find one that works on your patio, please let us know.

If you do find one that you think might work, just test it on a small part of your porch so you know that efflorescence won't happen.

Great luck!

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