Flagstone pool coping

I have flagstone coping around my pool.The mortar between the pieces is starting deteriorate. What kind of fill can I use to fill in the small lines? It is where the mortar meets the flagstone. Very thin openings starting to show.

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pool chemicals
by: David

From our experience, the chemicals from the pools tends to eat away at stone and the joints fairly quickly.

My dad has only done a couple pool jobs and he usually advises customers against it for two reasons:

The chemicals and the heat. It's hot when you step from the pools onto the stone.

To read further about pools and flagstone, check out this page from other contributors of this site


However, since you want to fix the cracks, you'll have to cut the joints out and re-tuck them. After that you'll need to seal the stone and joints to prevent further deterioration. Call Prosoco at 1-800-255-4255 and see what kind of sealer they recommend.

Great luck!


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