Kelly's flagstone pictures

Kelly's Flagstone Pictures are a great example of how good you can make your walkway look in your back yard.


This is what Kelly wrote to us:

"I put in a total of about 600ft of 2" Arizona Buckskin and Rosa flag. Since my yard is quite large and I'm going for a less than formal look, I used decomposed granite for the base as well as in the joints. Oklahoma chopped stone was used for all edging (again, just laid on the ground with no formal structure).

I chose the large pieces because they go with the look of the landscape better. We (me and 3 buddies) put all the flagstone down in about 5 hours one day (I had prepared the granite base and chopped stone edge myself in the weeks prior). 30 large pieces covered the entire area. We used a 6' chisel bar to shape smaller pieces for filling in the few remaining spaces."

And Here is How He Transformed His Backyard!

Kelly's Flagstone Pictures

flagstone picture 2

With a few friends and a day of work, Kelly shows how great looking you can make your back yard.

Kelly did go over 3 tons with his stone.

He wrote:

"I think my problem with the estimates (the stoneyard's were the same that you list) was that it wasn't clear that they were based on using certain gaps and cutting as necessary to fill in all spaces. I can now see where I might have been much closer to the estimate had I used smaller gaps and tried to fill in every large hole (lots of cut waste, etc). But there's got to be a way to give a fudge factor based on your installation technique. So if you know that cut waste takes say 10% and doubling your gap size takes say 10%, then if you're doing neither, you can subtract 20% from the normal estimate. Again, I have no idea if these generalizations could be made into better estimates.

Hopefully cases like mine are rare (I even almost used my own estimate based on prior purchases...which would have been dead on). I can't imagine too many people end up with almost twice as much stone as they needed."

That is a great lesson for people to know.

Thanks for your help Kelly!!

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