Flagstone Pavers for sale! Riverside California

by Everett
(Riverside, CA)

240 sq ft of Flagstone Pavers for sale. Removed the Flagstone from a 15.5 ft X 20.5 ft eliptical patio. Stones are available on 3 pallets.

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To whom it may concern,

My name is Daniel Varela and I am a Custom Broker in Calexico, CA . A customer let us drop a load of flagstone ( Piedra Laja), I want to sell it and want to know if you are interested to buy it, are 15 pallets weighing 500 kilos each or more, are various large, medium, small sizes.

We are a serious company in Calexico California, and this shipment us this much space in our warehouse, if interested freight can get to its stock or you can negotiate and go through it. This stone is of Hermosillo, Sonora and already imported to the United States, we have the documents. My personal phone number is (760) 879 83 73

The price of the 15 pallets is negotiable. A few pictures attached , I can send you a picture for each pallet. total weight around 20 tons

Best Regars,

Lic. Daniel Varela

Southern Point Warehouse & Brokerage
Broker Representative

2421 Portico Blvd. Suite A Calexico, CA. 92231
Phone: (760) 357-28-15 Ext.209
Fax : (760)357-52-30
Nextel: 152*101206*2
Movil e-mail: danielve66@gmail.com

Re: Flagstone for sale NEW
by: Lisa

I was wanting to know if the flagstone is still available. If so, what is the coloring and price. 240 sq feet is the exact amount that I need for my wall. My phone number is (951)323-6867 if you wish to contact me by telephone. Thank you very much.

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