Flagstone Patio installation from nashville landscape

You can do your own flagstone patio installation from a great video made by Dalton Quigley.  I came across his video on Youtube and I figured it would help out a lot of people.  I asked Dalton if it was ok to post here and he said, "Sure I made this video to share with others. It took years for me to figure out how to do some of these things and this could save many people years of trial and error."

Dalton Quigley Teaching You How to Lay Stone

You'll also have to check out some of his other great landscaping projects.  Just click here to learn! If you're in the Nashville area, make sure to give him a call if you need any landscaping done.

I like his video because you're going to learn some techniques that we didn't use in our video.  He teaches you how to dig out and level your area, pour the foundation, use a grout bag and power wash.  There are other great tips as well, so I hope you enjoy it!

If you've learned some things, I'm sure he would love to here your comments at his Youtube channel!

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