Flagstone Patio in Denver with Polymeric Sand

We live in central Denver and we are laying a 500 sq. ft. flagstone patio that abuts our house on top of a concrete pad. We have ordered your video to help us not make the mistakes the previous installers made but I have a question regarding joint filler. Everything I've read so far on your website about laying stone on concrete uses portland cement for mortar but I keep reading about polymeric sand in other places. Also, the patio guy who gave me a bid yesterday uses polymeric sand as well rather than portland cement. What are your thoughts/experience with this and what do you recommend, particularly for our freeze/thaw conditions? Also we will have a hot tub on top of part of the patio. Thank you so much for this website; it's going to save us $13,815 to be exact! I apologize if you address this question on the video as we haven't received it yet.

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First Time
by: David

Dear Carrie,

Thanks so much for the kind words. That really pleases my dad.

I talked to my dad about polymeric sand and he's never worked with it. I did a search on Google and found that it is a new product (last four or five years) that replaces silica sand.

You can use it, but if you're going to lay your stone in concrete, then you might as well use concrete joints.

If you're laying your patio in sand, then it seems like the way to go.

You can read more about it here:


Great luck with your project!!!

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