Flagstone over Waterproof Membrane

I have a 400 SF "deck" that is precast concrete with a topping slab and an exposed abrasive resistant waterproof membrane, all over conditioned living spaces below. My client would like to have a flagstone patio installed on the deck. Was wondering if there is a glue or adhesive that would work to adhere the flagstone to the pvc waterproof membrane system? The other issue is that we need to keep the profile lower so that it does not affect the threshold height to the entry door.

What is the best way to place the flagstone in a high altitude mountain environment like Breckenridge, CO?

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metal lathe
by: David

It's hard to comment since we can't see your situation, but my dad had a few thoughts.

He's done the membrane once and he thought you could lay a metal lathe over the membrane and then use one inch thick portland cement for under the stone.

That way you'll make the threshold and the cement and stone will stick together.

I hope that helps you out a bit.

Great luck!


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