Flagstone on cement Question

by Danny
(Concord, CA)

Instead of mixing sand and Portland cement, can one purchase and already mix mortar? Just add water... Is there also an acrylic mortar mix that one can use as well that will work well with Flagstones? How can i achieve a white colored grout for flagstones?

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be careful
by: David

Dear Danny,

My dad is from the "old school" and never liked the cement and sand mixed together. He always thinks the cement is not as good as quality. When you have bad quality cement, then there is more alkaline which will cause white blotches to come out. There might be good quality combo bags, but we don't know of any.

If you want white cement, then you'll have to add coloring. My dad is also not a big fan of coloring. He has never found a coloring that won't streak after a few years in the sun light. He's done a fair amount of coloring, but he always warns his customers about it.

I hope that helps you out.

Great luck!

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