Flagstone newbie

by JT
(Pueblo, CO, USA)

First, I cannot find on your website where you are located other than Colorado. Where? Is this a business that has a storefront? It would be nice to know if this is a place I can visit for more help and information....

I recently purchased a home that has a lot of flagstone inside and out. There is a back flagstone patio, and it is in the home in a living area and the master bathroom. It looks like areas in the home were sealed, but that is coming off. Do you have to strip all sealer off before redoing?

In bathroom, it looks like dark mold or mildew may be growing between sealer and stone. Is this possible?

Is it safe to use salt to kill slugs outside on stone and inhibit ice buildup in winter? Or will salt discolor the stone?

Please help!


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just info on the web
by: David

Hi JT,

Our site is just info based. My dad is basically retired and I thought I should get his info out to the world to help people out.

To see if your sealer is still working, you should put a little water on it and see if it bubble ups like water does on car wax. If it does, your sealer is still good. If not then you need to seal again.

There is a product called Bio Wash from Prosoco that should be able to help you out with your mold. Prosoco is also the dealer we use for sealing. My dad's used them for decades and has had great luck.

You should call them at 1-800-255-4255 and get details on their products. They'll tell you exactly what you need.

My dad uses a de-icer that he gets at Home Depot on his stone and he hasn't had any problems with discoloration. I don't know the brand, but if you read the label, you should be in good shape.

Great luck with your projects!


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