Flagstone laid in manufactured sand

by Bill
(vermont )

i perpared the patio area using manufactured sand. leveled patio area with 2 to 3 inch of compacted sand.` i laid and leveled the the flagstones, than packed manufactured sand around the stones. i have watered and tamped area repeatedly and sand does not seem to be compacting between the stones.

Question: is there an type of product perferrably liquid that i pour between the stones that will harden hold the stones?

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manufactured sand
by: Richard

Prosoco makes a product called joint sand stablizer. A liquid polymer that hardens the sand to give you a solid mortar joint. It also acts a a sealer as well 2 for 1.

call me..

gator dust
by: David

Dear Bill,

You should look into Gator Dust of Polymeric Sand. Those are products that could help you out with your situation. You can check it out here:


Great luck!


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