"Now you can lay your own flagstone and save hundreds or thousands of dollars"

It's Now Free!! We used to sell it for $25, so we hope you learn a lot from it!!


Hans and David

...We're Hans and David Claussen from The Flagstone Experts

Are you considering doing any type of flagstone work for your home, garden, or business?

“Hans’s How-To Lay Flagstone” DVD will show you exactly how to cover your blank concrete with flagstone and turn it into something that will change your whole landscape.

Flagstone Installation

Make Your Patio or Flagstone Project Go From This To...

Flagstone Installation


You will see everything we do from start to finish. It is the same exact process that we have been doing for decades for hundreds of different clients.

Troy Hansen from Phoenix, Arizona wrote to us,

"David and Hans,

I never would have attempted my flagstone patio without your help. I am very happy with the way it is looking. The finished product is going to be awesome. Thank you very much!"

Also, James M. Cox from Los Angeles, California wrote,

"Having your DVD enabled me to save a lot of money and made me appreciate the art and skill of laying flagstone. It is a small investment to be richly satisfied."

Even if you choose to contract your flagstone job out, you’ll still definitely want to view this DVD so that you’ll know what a proper flagstone project should look like. We often get e-mails and have seen many poorly done projects. By viewing this video, priced at an extremely affordable price, you’ll save yourself many worries and possibly a lot of money.

"How This DVD Will Save You Time,
Hassles and Money With Your
Next Flagstone Project?"

Before you even begin your next project, you’ll see every tool and supply required for the job. When you go to the hardware store and talk to a stone yard, you’ll know exactly what you’re looking for, saving you lots of time and hassle. You’ll feel better about the whole project, because you’ll be doing it like we have for so long.

The video will teach you what to look for with existing concrete and how to prepare it for flagstone. When you lay your stones down, you’ll feel better knowing that you have the right foundation underneath.

"I wanted to thank David for going to the trouble of sharing his father's knowledge. I bought the DVD online, and have visited the site. Having read extensively about patio installs ( I am a professional landscape designer) it was wonderful to actually see a DVD showing the steps, materials and results. This helps clients understand how flagstone compares to stamped concrete and other alternatives. Thank you David for this."

Bruce from Ferndale, Maryland

"Laying Your Stone in Sand?"

Although you’ll see us laying the stone in concrete, we will point out how to lay the stone in sand. You’ll learn how to measure for the fall and cut your stone.

Cutting flagstone the right way will make your project look so much better. It will also make filling your joints with sand much easier.

The video will also help you protect your house or office from water draining into it. Whether you lay your stone in sand or concrete, the water must run away from your house. You do that by having a "fall" in your patio or porch.

"Determining the "Fall" Is
the Most Important Task"

There are two chapters to help you make sure that water is draining away from your house and going where it needs to go.

And in order to save you money, we show you how to measure the fall using a 2”x4” board. You might have a small project where you want to keep your costs down and you’ll learn how you can avoid renting a transit to determine the fall.

If you do have a transit or choose to rent one, we’ll show you how to do that to. Never used a transit before? Now you’ll learn and be able to use that skill for other landscaping projects you might do like water falls or walls matching your house.

"Do You Know What Separates
Amateurs From Professionals?"

How they cut the stone.

You’ll see several examples so that your stone lays together nicely, your joints will be stronger, and your whole project will look better. You’ll be looking down at your project and won’t believe that you did that.

And if you're pressed on time and decide to contract the work out, you'll know exactly what to expect from your masons. That will save you from worrying about getting the job you desire.

We show you how to cut using a saw and chisel, so you can decide which one you’ll need.

"The Perfect Concrete"

You need to lay the stone in concrete and fill the joints between the stone in concrete. You’ll know exactly how to mix the concrete to give you the greatest strength for the long-term.

We also show you, which many “professionals” don’t do, how to keep the concrete off of the stone and keep your stone as clean as possible.

We learned many years ago how to use a sponge to give your flagstone a polished look. We go step-by-step to show you how to do that. You will be really impressed with how clean of a job you’ll do.

"Your Flagstone For
The Long-Term"

After all of the satisfying work you’ll do, you’ll want to preserve it for as long as possible.

We’ll show you which sealer to get and how to apply it. Plus, how to test the sealer in the future.

We've included everything in the video to help you build the best flagstone patio, porch, sidewalk, walkway, or whatever flagstone project you want to lay down.

"I am a student with little to no experience in laying flagstone. With the info I received from you, I was able to complete my final project for school in two weekends. Thanks for sharing the steps with me!"

Mason from Eudora, Kansas

By taking your time, and applying the steps from this video, you too can have great results with your flagstone project.

"Take A Look At The
Contents Of The DVD!"

1. Introduction
2. Supplies and Tools
3. The Foundation
4. Cutting Stone
5. Cutting Half-Done
6. Cutting a Curve
7. Putting Lath Down
8. Dried Laid Stone
9. Tips For Laying in Sand
10. Determining the Fall
11. Mixing Cement
12. Laying the Stone in Concrete
13. Using a 2"x4" For the Fall
14. Cement for Tucking
15. Tucking the Joints
16. Washing the Stone
17. Sealing the Stone
18. Conclusion

We packed 1 hour and 38 minutes of great information into this DVD and we did it at a price that anybody can afford.

"It's a great step-by-step video for the Do-It-Yourselfers. It contains everything you need to lay your flagstone down professionally."

Mike Lockwood, owner of Camp Stone, Westminster, Colorado


We are so confident about the quality of this video, that if you feel for ANY reason you didn’t get what you paid for, tell us and we’ll give you a full refund without any questions. You keep the DVD and we’ll give you your money back. NO HASSLES! WE PROMISE!

We wanted to keep the price as low as possible, so anybody could integrate flagstone into their landscape. So, for the price of a few stones, you now can have a professional looking stone patio, sidewalk, porch, or any horizontal surface that you desire. The patio that you'll see being laid in the video would cost $5000 for the labor.

If you like laying stone down, then you could do a few jobs for others and potentially earn thousands of dollars in a matter of weeks. Remember, you will see everything we do from start to finish.

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