hans's flagstone installation day three!

Tools and Supplies Needed for Day Three.

***If you missed them, here is day one and day two. ***

1. Tuck Pointer for tucking in the joints. You could also use a grout bag. We don't use them, but many masons do.

2. Sponge(s) and Bucket(s) for sponging the stone.

3. Wheel Barrel and Hoe for mixing cement. You could also use a mixer, but unless you have a huge job, you won't need it. We rarely use it for tucking in cement.

4. Trowel for moving the cement around your project.

5. Shovel for shoveling the mortar from the wheel barrel to the pad.

6. Portland Cement and Masonry Sand for tucking in.

7. Broom for sweeping the cement.

How Should You Mix The Cement?

Just like in Day Two you need to mix the cement at a 2 1/2 Masonry Sand Shovel to 1 Portland Cement Shovel ratio.


unlike on Day Two, you want the cement to be really dry. It makes sponging the stone and joints much easier.

We used dry cement for tucking in these joints and yet it still becomes wet enough for the joints.

Pull the Cement With a Trowel!

As you finish tucking in the joints, pull the excess cement along with you.

Any small stuff you can sweep along with a broom.

If the cement is too dry, do not sweep it into the joints. You're better off sweeping it off the pad and filling the joints with wetter cement.

(We filled joints one time with very dry cement and the joints busted out a few days later. THE RULE: If it is very dry and/or light gray, sweep it off the pad. )

Fill The Joints Completely!

Don't be afraid of elbow grease. Push hard into the joints, so that the joints are completely filled.

It is very easy to fill lightly, but the joints will eventually break out. So fill with lots of pressure


This is the sponge we like to use.

This is the hardest part of Day Three. Many people, including my nephew, like to sponge too quickly.

You want to make sure there is no cement on the stone. That means taking your time sponging.

Go over the stone first with a lot of water in your sponge.

That makes sure that you polish the joints and it loosens up all of the cement.

Secondly, go over the stone with a dry sponge. You'll pick up most of the cement and the joint and stone will looked polished.

You'll have a fair amount of sand left over. Don't worry about that. On Day Four you'll sweep and wash the stone completely.

Just make sure there is no cement on the stone.

Don't worry if the stone has a gray film on it after it dries. You'll be washing the film off on Day Four.

That should do it for Day Three. Just make sure you sponge all of the cement off the stone.

Let's go to Day Four. 

To See This Tutoiral on Video, Go Here!

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