Hans's Flagstone Installation Day Four!

***If you missed them, here are days one, two, and three.***

Tools and Supplies Needed for Flagstone Installaion Day Four.

1. Long Handled Brush for washing the pad.

2. Bucket for putting the Masonry Cleaner in.

3. Masonry Cleaner----IMPORTANT!!!----- Make sure you check with your Building Supplies Store about the appropriate Masonry Cleaner. The Stone in your area may need a different cleaner than the 600 Detergent that we use. -----ALSO------ Make sure you know the health risks. Whenever I pour in the 600 Detergent it has a very nasty odor. I feel like I smoked 10 packs of cigarettes after pouring it. MAKE SURE you turn away when pouring and read the directions!!!!!

This is what we use, but please check with your Building Supplies Store in your area before using!!

4. Possible Steel Brush depending on how well you sponged on days Two and Three.

5. Water hose or buckets of water to wash the Masonry Cleaner off.

6. Paint Roller for sealing.

Ruin The Stone!

No, we're not going to ruin the stone if we're careful. A strong masonry cleaner will burn stone, so read the directions!!!

How We Do It!

We pour 1 part cleaner for 10 parts water, but READ THE DIRECTIONS. (Have I said that enough!!!)

We then brush it on the stone. About 2 minutes later we wash the 600 Detergent off with water.

Washing it off with lots of water gets any excess sand off too.

That's all there's to it!

Sealing!Two Weeks Later!

I know.. I know.. I lied about 4 days, but day 4 is the best, so it goes by in a day.

If you wait two weeks then the pad should evaporate the moisture by then.

Make sure you sweep the pad real well and just roll the sealer on. No tricks about that.

Something even my three year old boy could do! Just don't tell my wife I said that.

We use Siloxane Sealer by Prosoco for our stone. It's a great sealer because it lets moisture breathe out, but doesn't allow any moisture in.

You probably don't want to use a Urethane type sealer. It may give the stone a nice wet look, but it will trap the moisture in which translates into gray splotches all over your flagstone pad.

That Should Do It!

I hope we taught you a few tricks from this four day course.  For more free installation tutorials, go here!

Best of Luck!

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