Flagstone in Sand

by Andy G.
(Saint Louis, MO)

I am going to install a flagstone patio (11'X 12') in sand. I want to fill the gaps between the stones with concrete instead of sand to avoid weeds. I want the finished look of a patio that was laid over concrete, along with a sealed and finished look. Is this possible if I install over sand instead of concrete?

Thank you for providing such great information on your web site. I am going to order your video today!

All the best!
Andy G.
Saint Louis, MO

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not really recommended
by: David

Dear Andy,

We get that question a lot and it's really not recommended. We've heard of guys doing that but eventually the joints will crack. If you really compact your sand and have tight joints, then you could probably get your joints to last a couple of years, but then you'll have to replace them or leave them with cracks. Many people don't mind cracks, so that might not be a problem for you.

I hope that helps you out a bit.

Check out the free video here for some tips:


Great luck!

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