Flagstone,, Help!! Pittsburgh, PA

by F. Kunkel, MD
(Pittsburgh, PA)

Hello,, might I ask u a quick quesiton. First, I thought your website was great. I have had put in a flagstone patio in our back yard,, and I want to seal it.

I want something that is Matte Finish,,, I have read about acrylics, Polyurethanes,, pentrants and Film Formers,, I am a bit lost.

I am pretty handy and think I can handle most any application.



Frank A. Kunkel, MD

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no urethane
by: David

Dear Frank,

We're glad that our site could help you with your patio. My dad's 78 and he's so happy that his knowledge can help people with their landscaping.

Stay away from any urethane sealers. They trap moisture which will cause white blotches to come out on your stone.

You should call Prosoco at 1-800-255-4255 and ask them where you can get their sealers. My dad has used them for years and has had great luck. They should have a matte sealer that you're looking for.

You can also see their products here.

Great luck with your project!


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