flagstone fire pit idea

A flagstone fire pit looks elegant at your home. I was visiting a friend near Sedona, Arizona and here husband built a great looking stone pit and I thought I would share a couple of pictures here.

flagstone fire pit

He built up the sides with stone and had block on the inside.  It's very similar on how you would build a brick mailbox.  

flagstone fire pit 2    

He then had a stoneyard cut him the cap stone and the circular stone cover for the top.  He had a hole put in the middle for two reasons.  First, he could lift the stone out of the pit and second, to have the ability to put an umbrella through the middle.  

It's really a gorgeous little creation that he did and he said it took him about 7 hours to do the whole project.  

If you take a look at some of our free videos and use your imagination, I think you'll be able to construct a pit similar to this.

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