Flagstone causing rust in pool

I am a pool service provider. I have a pool surrounded by flagstone. All the coping is flagstone. There are definite dark markings (rust) on most of the stones . The pool is around 4 years old. The customer has small dot rust stains beginning to form on flat spots on his pool. I can see the natural deterioration (dirt) from the rocks.We ruled out fertilizer construction work rusty patio furniture etc.. Is there enough iron or metal in these flagstone pavers to leave small rust spots in his pool?

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Owner/D&D Stone Brokers
by: Don

Scott, call me at 803-391-8125 and we can discuss your rust spot issues.


can happen
by: David

Dear Scott,

Pool chemicals can disintegrate the stone and cause problems for your stone. You really have to seal your stone coping to stop any problems.

Here is a sealer recommended by some viewers of this site:


We've never used it so we can't say exactly how it will do.

We use Prosoco products, so you should check out their site here:


or call them at 1-800-255-4255.

We also got one comment about rust in a pool on our site:


You can e-mail Don at: d.mack.56@hotmail.com and he can tell you how to clean the rust off of the stone. He's a nice guy so he's glad to help out.

Great luck with your project!


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