flagstone barbeque from trevor in phoenix, arizona

If you're looking to install a flagstone barbeque and walkway, then check out the great work done by Trevor.

He bought our DVD and was able to do this great work by himself. He wrote the following e-mail to us:

Hi Guys! I bought your DVD to see if it was worth me laying my own Patio, or leave it to the Pro's. After viewing the DVD several times I decided I could do this myself (I also built a BBQ Island) and I am extremely happy with the results. It is a 250sf Patio incorporating a Sunken Firepit and BBQ Island with Flagstone top. What I liked most about your DVD is the fact that you show a REAL job, not just staged building works. This was invaluable to me and saved me over $4000 in labor. I would love to share the pictures with you.

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Here are the pictures and steps that Trevor took to the flagstone barbeque and walkway!

I followed your DVD to the letter, and reviewed each chapter a few times before beginning each stage. I am very happy with the results. If you want more pictures of particular stages of the project, I have loads more.

flagstone barbeque

flagstone barbeque 2

flagstone barbeque 3

flagstone barbeque 4

flagstone barbeque 5

flagstone barbeque 6

flagstone barbeque 7

flagstone barbeque 8

flagstone-barbeque 9

We thank Trevor for the pictures. We know it's going to help a lot of people out.

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