Flagstone Around a Pool

by Theda McGrew
(Midlothian, Texas )

We have a new pool. The PB put flagstone around the pool and we were told to seal it. We used the Quikrete Wet Look High Gloss Sealer from Lowe's and less than two weeks later it is flaking and peeling. Can you tell us why this would be happening? The product specifically states that it is for flagstone. (Urethan is not listed as an ingredient in this product.) What do you suggest? Our PB is not knowledgeable in this area unfortunately and the flagstone individuals we have tried to contact locally (Dallas, Tx area) don't really have an opinion. Any assistance would be GREATLY APPRECIATED!

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Flagstone Sealer
by: Janet Wagner

We had the same problem, we also used a company in Houston called Natural Stone Sealers, I think its the same one you used, but they are in Houston. They came out cleaned the flagstone and sealed it in a couple hours. I saw the product was Dupont Saltwater Sealant. Its been sometime and we don't have anything but good things to say about the work they did. Great job. Our cost 550.

Their info Natural Stone Sealers www.copingsealers.com


Flagstone Pool Coping Problem
by: Doris Enos

I had the same problem I called several places unitl I found a company in Dallas called Coping Sealers I think the website is www.copingsealers.com They came out removed the rest of the flaking crap cleaned everything up and appiled the dupont salt water resistant sealer. It looks so good now and we have been pleased for years. No flaking and no sand in my pool or spa. A few years later I had them do my patio deck, it still looks great too. Flagstone and saltwater does not play well together.

sorry to hear that
by: David

We got a tip from Richard who's in Louisiana about this great new product from Prosoco. You can check out the article here:


You can buy it from Richard at CALCASIEU STONE,

Great luck!


Lowe's Qwikcrete Hi Gloss Sealant for Pools
by: Shreveport, LA

We recently remodeled our pool and used flagstone for the coping and deck. We sealed it with Lowe's Quikcrete Hi-Gloss Sealant for pools. It did exactly the same thing. Within two weeks it was milky looking and peeling off. It looks terrible. Lowe's does not need to recommend this product. What do you recommend to seal the flagstone and give it a wet look?

I'm surprised so fast
by: David

Dear Theda,

My dad has always advised clients to stay away from the "wet look" sealers. There's just something in them that stone doesn't like. I'm surprised it happened so fast though.

You should give Prosoco a call. They're the chemical/cleaning company that my dad has dealt with for decades and has has great luck.

Their number is: 1-800-255-4255.

I hope it works out for you.

Great luck!

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