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I was ready to make a decision on flagstone this summer but when I started researching places to buy, I started to receive conflicting information. Some retailers advised that certain types of flagstone have a greater tendency to flake than others. Then some retailers said it was not the type of flagstone but that you had to look at each piece to see if that tendenby was there. Would you please help? I would like to be better informed before I make a purchase. Thanks!

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Flagstone Flaking
by: Don/Owner D&D Stone Brokers

Normally flagstone doesn't flake unless it's a poor quality as David stated. I sell stone from around the United States and if you would like to contact me , then we can discuss your stone needs. I can be reached at 803-391-8125/office. Thank You.

no problems
by: David

You don't need to worry about flaking as long as you buy a quality stone.

Flaking happens a lot around pools because the chemicals tear the stone down. However, if you apply a quality sealer, then you can stop that too.

Since you're in Colorado, you should give John Schroeder a call. He has some of the best stone I've seen. You can check his stone out below:


Great luck with your project!


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