Flagstone and Fieldstone

by Joe Stoker
(Palmer, TN USA)

In Southern Mid-TN. The family owns over 4000 acres. That said, I have a small flagstone quarry within 150 ft of a creek. The sizes run from 2-3", 3,5" and 6-7" Interesting boulders mostly from overburden.

About 500ft away a very interesting 4-5" variety of aged field stone exists. I'm sure when 100 tons or so is removed, I'll be down to the elevation of the other (roughly 1800' above sea level).

I collected and dealt stone for about a year when first married in 1985. Since then I'll sold a few truckloads here and there. In '85 the low man on the totem pole received $45 a ton if he was LUCKY! The 1-2" was 90-$95.

I sold log homes for a decade and cut out all the middle men. That is my intention with this. If you're not laying this rock or at least warehousing it for the masons, don't contact me. I am no longer 18-19 and after selling several million dollars of timberframe and log structures,.... I won't be working my ass of and wearing out my equipment (or men), for peanuts.

I have colors, shapes, varrigation, tones, hues, textures, fossils, in short, high-end stone for high-end masons and clients. And I'll still cut a break on what the rockyards I've dealt with are charging.

BTW: both these sites are on our home place (me, wife, kids 2 in college, 1 in HS)

So give me call and tell me what you need. It will probably be custom quarried from the area yielding such stone. Thus far, after opening last fall (2013) I have barely been able to gain inventory despite bringing a BUNCH of stone out of them thar hills.

Joe Stoker
9 III 1-77n ine-384 four (I'm a programmer also so forgive the non-spider phone number) or backward 448-397-7139 931 area code

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