Flag Stone Polishing

Dear Flag Stone Experts,

I am a product specialist for Zoro Tools in the Chicagoland area. I have a customer looking for tools that will polish Flagstone. I have heard of sealants and coating such as the Siloxane you mention on your site being used to give the stone a "polished look" but never heard of someone buffing flagstone.

Is this something you have done or heard of being done? If you have seen it done, would a standard polishing kit for granite do the trick?

Any information you can provide would be appreciated.


Kevin Pearson
Product Specialist
Zoro Tools

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by: Anonymous

Thanks for the quick response and contact info!

talk to martin or jorge
by: David

Dear Kevin,

You should talk to Martin or Jorge in Mexico. They make these gorgeous flagstone tables that are polished.

You can check them out here:


They put their contact info on the page and hopefully they can help you with the right tools for polishing.

I hope that helps and great luck!


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