flag stone front poarch

by dennis

I have a front porch using composite decking material. The frame is a 2 x 12 ledger and 2 x 8 from on 16 inch centers ( all treated) . Outer edge is treated 8 x 8 piers 8 ft centers with double 2 x 12 sill plate. all connections via simpsons. I would like to convert it to a flag stone porch. bu t am unsure of the decking to put under the flag stone - I was considering added intermediate 2 x 8, 3/4 plywood, waterbarrier, duradock and the flag stone.

sound ok ?

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followup NEW
by: dennis

a couple more questions :

1. what should the bedding material be ? regular motor ?

2. the porch is open with roof but there will be rain wind blown and possible snow ( not much ) . will freeze thaw be an issue.

3. I am pretty sure the structure will hold the weight ( 25-30 PSF).

4. is 2 inch the best thickness to use or would you alal recommend 2 3/4 " ?

re doing deck with flagstone NEW
by: Richard

Sounds like you've done your homework on this one. Sounds good to me. You be over kill using the water barrier. Your dura-rock board should be sufficient in regards to a water barrier.

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