First time Flagstone--2 surfaces

(East, TX)


I have a new construction home and the builder only provided me with a concrete slab in my back yard--about 5X5. I would like to expand the patio to about 15X10. I was planning on excavating the area and attempt to lay flagstone over the concrete and somehow tie it in with the rest of my project. I would like it to all look consistent and was planning on using gravel/sand to fill the gaps. Should I just bust the concrete out or try to lay flagstone over the slab? If I lay it over the slab do I have to use mortar and will it look bad next to the sand? please help!!!!

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extend the flagstone
by: David

You will want to pour a new slab and make sure that the concrete contractors tie it into the older slab.

You need to let it sit at least 24 hours and then you can lay flagstone on top of that. That way you'll get the consistent look that you're looking for.

If you lay stone in sand next to it, then the two slabs won't look consistent.

Great luck!


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