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how do i fasten 1" x 6" x 33" pa blue flagstone on a face of a gas insert direct vent unit , right now all that is around unit is drywall,

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attaching flagstone to fireplace
by: Richard

If the material you are attaching it to is just sheet rock or drywall, you will need a water barrier fabric laid(felt paper) then a lath of some sort(metal or fiberglass) put a scratch coat of addhesive. We use a mortar mix with sand. Completely cover the stone with the mortar mix. Apply stone to the surface using a wiggle motion getting rid of the trapped air. If the mortar mix is of the right consistancy you should be able to let go of stone and it should stay in place. If it slides down try again and use brick spacers to hold in place.

I hope this helps...Good luck

Owner D&D Stone Brokers
by: DON

Have you consider thin setting your bluestone.

I'll ask
by: David

I'm not exactly sure, so I'll ask my dad when I see him this weekend.

Take care,


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