Filling Holes in Flagstone

by Brad
(Phoenix, AZ)

I am removing a fence around my pool that is secured into flagstone. Once i remove the posts, there are small holes in the flagstone from the screws. How do I fill these properly?

Thank you

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Coloring Cement
by: Don /Owner D&D Stone Brokers

If you use cement to fill your holes, Sherwin Williams Paint Co has coloring for cement. Good luck.

by: David

Dear Brad,

That will be tough to totally disguise, but you should go to a stoneyard that has your same stone. They might have some stone dust or a breeze material that is the same color as your stone. You can use that to fill the holes and over time, it should blend in pretty well with the stone due to weathering.

You could also try to use coloring in cement. Material supply stores that sell masonry products will have coloring. You probably could find a color very similar to your stone. You will mix the coloring into cement and fill the holes that way.

It won't be perfect, but if you take your time, it should come out looking pretty well.

Great luck!


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