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My name is John Rocco, and I sell a DVD on my website that teaches homeowners how to install their own replacement windows in their home. My site has been online since 2004, and my homepage shows up on the front page of google, yahoo, msn, and bing for several search terms related to do it yourself window installation. I am contacting you because I have decided to offer an entire library of how-to videos on my website for the do-it-yourself homeowner. My plan is to create a webpage on my site that would contain a description and link to your site. The visitors to my site would see this link on my homepage, and would have to click on the link to see all of the how-to videos available. People who are looking to replace their windows are usually renovating their home, so there is a high probability that they would be interested in other home improvement videos. I am willing to list your site free for 30 days, so you can see if it's something that you would be interested in. The best way to monitor how many customers you get through the link is to allow me to say that you will give them 10% off if they mention that they found your site through my site. Once you are confident that my site is working for you, I can remove the 10% discount offer. After 30 days, you would have to pay a $15 monthly fee to keep the link on my site. If you wanted to pay for a full year in advance, it would be $150. My website is www.how-to-install-windows.com, and you can look for my site to show up on the first page for many of these searches; "How to install windows", "how to install vinyl windows","installing vinyl windows", "vinyl window installation", "Installing retrofit windows","retrofit window installation","california retrofit windows", California vinyl windows", "Replacing aluminum windows", "Vinyl window trim", "retrofit window trim", "window sill covers".If you would like to try it for 30 days, send me a brief description of your video along with the link to your site. Once your link is up, I will let you know where to view it.

John Rocco

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by: David

Dear John,

I sent you an e-mail. I hope you got it.



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