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(Denver, CO)


I live in Denver and am thinking about covering our existing concrete front porch (more like a landing) and walkway with flagstone. Do you still work in Denver? If so, please send your contact info. Will my costs be reduced since I'm assuming the flagstone can be laid on top of the existing concrete?
What would be an estimated cost for a flagstone landing (approx 5x10)?


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My dad is retired
by: David

Thanks for the offer, but unfortunately my dad only does a little work for a architect that he knows really well.

You should call Camp Stone at 303-429-3357 and talk to Mike. My dad bought most of his stone from them and Mike will be able to recommend a good mason for you.

For 50 square feet, the bid should be around $500 for the labor and add about $300 or $400 for the stone.

Great luck with your project!


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