Daryl - (to lathe, or not lathe) on Flagstone

Bought your dvd last summer, and it was very helpful, I've reviewed it numerous times and really enjoy it. My first project was a circular sidewalk with some scrap pieces of flagstone, it turned out pretty good. Now my next project is an outdoor fireplace, I ordered a step-by-step blueprint from JDW Designs in Arizona. The blueprints are great, the fireplace will be 10' wide by 13' tall, it will go at the end of my outdoor kitchen. The blueprints call for constructing the base with cinder blocks, and then applying either stucco, or brick veneer. I will be using flagstone, and this is my question: Do I need to put a lathe material over the cinder blocks, or can I apply the mortar and flagstone directly to the cinder blocks.

Thanks for your time,

Daryl Maune
Humble, Texas

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use lathe
by: David

Dear Daryl,

Thanks for the compliment on our DVD. My dad is very happy when his info can help others.

You will need to use lathe and tie the stone in. Check out our free video here for details:


Great luck with your project!


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