Cut versus natural edge on steps

I am having flagstone laid on an entry way slab to my house. The slab is about a 4-inch step-up from the a stamped concrete walkway. The installers asked me whether I want a cut edge or a natural edge, where he would select end stones with fairly straight, but natural edges. He says he will extend the edge stone about a half-inch past the riser. Other than the looks, is there an opinion on what is better method? Is there a potential breakage issue with the natural edge? I can't find photos showing the natural look on steps. Thank you all in advance.

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by: Anonymous

Thanks David...I think I'll go with the natural look.

Choose the stone edge you like best
by: David

As long as the stone is thick enough, you can use any edge that you like best. If the stone is at least over an inch thick, you should be ok. My dad usually lays a half of an inch overhang with the natural look.

Great luck with your project!!

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