Cut Off Saw

by Ray
(Northern Calif.)

I want to do a flagstone patio and walkway. I will have to do the work weekends. I'm thinking of buying a saw like you show on the site because it will probably be cheaper and easier that renting one each weekend. What saw brands and models would you recommend I buy? I will most likely want to sell it after I finish the project so resale value can be important. Thanks for the help with this.


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Stihl saw
by: David

Dear Ray,

Thanks for the compliment! I'm glad my dad's info could help you out.

My dad has always been a big believer in Stihl. It's more expensive, but you might be able to sell it at a higher price.

Since this is your first time cutting, get one of the smaller masonry/construction saws. I've cut many times and the bigger ones are nice after you've done it a while, but at first, the smaller ones will give you more control.

I found this page so you can locate a Stihl dealer close to you:

One other suggestion for you is to try Craigslist. You might be able to find a masonry saw there and save a lot of money. Since you're doing one job, buying a new Stihl saw might not be the best path.

I'm not sure of other brands because my dad hasn't used any other, but I bet since you're doing one job, any cheaper brand should take care of you.

Also keep in mind of the diamond blade. The blade is sometimes more expensive than the saw. I remember my dad buying three blades from Stihl and they gave him the saw for free.

I hope that helps you out a bit.

Great luck!


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