Concrete Cracked and Not level

by Jon
(Longmont, CO)

I have a concrete slab that I want to put a Flagstone Patio on top of it. I have noticed that the concrete has a large crack in the middle that was caused when a portion of the concrete settled. Now, the settled part slants towards the house. Can I just add concrete to the current concrete to give the slab the desired slant? Will creating different thicknesses in the concrete cause problems with the hardening of the concrete? Thanks.

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Thanks, David
by: Jon

Thanks, David, for your comments. As I am pulling the wood off from the deck, I am also discovering that some areas have cement there, while other areas have little or no cement. Very interesting layout. I think the people who put in the deck were trying to cover up the mess underneath.

you can
by: David

Dear Jon,

You can add more cement before you lay your stone. My dad does that many times.

You'll want to put in a metal lathe to tie in the old concrete to the new concrete. That will help stabilize the whole pad and help cracking in the future.

Great luck!


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