Colored mortar formula

by Bob Skowron
(Franktown, Colorado)

We have adquire a buff flagstone from a Masonville, CO quary. We plan to set the flagstone on concrete using portland cement using your techniques. We would like to have a color mortar. I know we'll need to experiment, but do you have a recommendation on where to start in testing a ratio of colorant to portland? Any other suggestions?

We are building a patio/deck around a pool that has a sandstone colored concrete coping, so what we desire is a classic sandstone color for the mortar.

Regards and Thanks!

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Colored mortar formula
by: Bob in Franktown

Our plan is to add colorant to a motor mix. We're looking for a solution for approx 1200sq ft. All options are open. Suggestions?

powder mixed with mortar
by: David

Hi Richard,

We've always used the powder that you mix with the mortar.

Is there colored mortar that works better?

Thanks for you comments Richard!!

colored mortar
by: Richard..Calcasieu Stone


When you talk about colored mortar, is that mortar mix that comes in a bag that is already colored?

Or, you talking about putting color pigment in your water to be mixed with a bag of regular mortar?


not big on colored mortar
by: David

Dear Bob,

My dad has never liked colored mortar. After a few years in the sun, the mortar streaks. He's done it for clients many times and hasn't had the best of luck. Maybe the new stuff is better?

Since you're in Colorado, you should call Rio Grande at (303) 825-2211. They have colored mortar and they can help you better with the mixture and any other details. My dad consults with them all of the time.

Great luck with your project and we'd love a picture when you're done.

Take care,


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