Colored grout for my flagstone patio

by Diane hemphill
(Cypress, tx)

Currently, I have a contractor installing my flagstone patio with Oklahoma Wister. I want the grout to be a light to medium brown color. What type of cement color additive do you recommend?

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Dye colors for grout mortar for flagstone, who sales it, NEW
by: Ed

In the above comment, they said the sale this dye. Who sales it.

grout dye NEW
by: Richard

To get the exact color you want your best bet is to use White Porland. Any dye used with the white comes out the color of the dye. If you use the gray mortar mix then you have to experiment with the dye in order to get your approved color. Keep in mind that gray mortar mix is already dark and it is tough to lighten it up especially in a shade of brown.

We sell all different colors of dye compounds. Mixing with the white Portland is easy.

Good luck

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