Colorado Rose Flagstone joint repair (on concrete pad)

by Keith Dudek
(Denver, Colorado)

My front walkway is in need of some repair. The walkway is Colorado Rose Flagstone, on a concrete pad. The walkway continues to a flagstone portico at the entrance. I have contacted a few places and the answer I get back is "the joints will continue to bust out over time" - they recommend I replace the flagstone with a straight concrete walkway and entrance. Obviously I do not wish to do this and diminish the entrance to a 1939 Colonial revival. Any thoughts or contractor recommendations would be appreciated.

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joint repair
by: Keith

Thanks David

you could re tuck them
by: David

Dear Keith,

You could retuck the joints. You'll have to chisel or cut out the existing joints and then refill it with new cement.

Look at this free video to show you how:

You can start looking around the 3:00 minute mark and we'll show you how to cut the joints out.

We have other free videos here:

that will show you how to retuck with cement.

Great luck!


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