Cleaving Flagstone


This website is great and will be a big help in my next home project. Thanks in advance!

Hopefully someone will be able to help me with this... I have several large pieces of flagstone that are approximately 6 - 8 inches thick. I would like to cleave/split a stone to make several thinner 2 - 3 inch thick pieces without cracking or breaking the length or width. Any suggestions?

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cleaving flagstone
by: Calcasieu Stone

First of all, how big of pieces are they? We've split chop stone all the time to make them thinner. These stones are susually 4 to 6 inches thick and about 10 inches wide with random lengths to 30 inches. Sort of like a big loaf of bread. Turn them on their side , and with a wide stone chisel start slowly where you want them to split and work your way left and right. Usually good flagstone will break clean. Keep in mind these are sedimentary stones and they are formed in layers over a long time. They should come clean. A real large piece might not have the same results. Good luck.

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