Cleaning sealed flagstone

We have sealed our flagstone with Prosoco. However, the patio is under a pecan tree and gets very stained. Clorox outdoor bleach has done a great job of cleaning the stains, however is it ok to clean with this after it has been sealed? Will this strip the sealer?

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cleaning flagstone with clorox NEW
by: Richard

Over a period of time the clorox might affect the sealer of the flagstone. Depending on which sealer you used might have a bearing also. Prosoco offers water base sealers, acyrilic sealers and solvent base sealers. Each type has their own properties. Pecan trees are the some of the hardest stains to remove. All of Prosoco's sealers are water repellants that prevents moisture from entering the top surface. I'm very familiar with the outdoors clorox. This is a very strong concentrate product, you might want to dilute with more water.

Please call me if you have any questions.

Thank you

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