Cleaning Light Colored Fieldstone and Grout

by Jack
(Fairfax, VA)

My beautiful walkway is a mixture of sand and red colored fieldstone that was never sealed after completion. 10 Years later I am attempting to clean it. I have used a power sprayer in the past and over time the group has changed color at cleaning from the light grey color to almost a the color of the yellow/orange sand used in the cement- almost like I had stripped the pigment out of the cement and only left the sand color. I have used driveway cement cleaner with a brush on the grote and stone, that worked marginally. But seemed to take some of the color from the stone, as well as other compounds. None seemed to work. And the power sprayer was too powerful and trimmed some of the grout from the edges where it hit the stone, and in some cases I got spalling from the stone. I have stayed away from any acids like muratic, due to plant damage. What else is there that I can try? Thanks

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